FAQs - Rose & Jasmine Hair Oil

Where is the Rose & Jasmine hair oil made? 
It is formulated, made and packaged in Australia.

Is the Rose & Jasmine hair oil vegan?
Yes, the hair oil is vegan! Our nourishing formula contains no animal by-products.

Is the Rose & Jasmine hair oil made with natural ingredients?
Yes the formula consists of 100% natural botanical ingredients. 

Is it free from synthetic fragrances?
There are no synthetic fragrances included in our hair oil. The floral scent comes from a blend of rose and jasmine essential oils.

Is it safe to use when you're pregnant?
Although the percentage of jasmine essential oil is low in our formula, to be cautious, we don’t recommend use during pregnancy.

How long before you see results?
Results can be felt and seen immediately. 

I have sensitive skin, will this irritate me?
This hair oil is packed with gentle and nourishing ingredients, but to be extra cautious we recommend a patch test. If irritations occur please discontinue use. 

How long does a bottle of the hair oil generally last?
It should last for approximately 6 months. However, this will vary on your hair length, thickness, porosity and frequency and the nature of use.

Can I use it as a heat protector?
The hair oil is a great heat protectant. We recommend always applying the oil on damp hair before blow-drying. Alternatively, on dry hair, make sure the oil is applied, absorbed and dried before using hot styling tools.

Can you use it as a hair mask?
Definitely. On damp hair, apply the hair oil from mid to the ends of your hair.
You can leave it in for as long as you like before washing it off.
The hair oil can also be mixed in with your existing hair masque to magnify the results. 

How long do I leave it in my hair?
This formula was created to be a leave in. Unless when used as part of your hair mask treatment, in this instance wash off after a minimum of 30 minutes.

How many times a day can I use the product?
Twice a day is the recommended amount. Our founder uses a modest amount in the morning and at night; on dry hair to keep her locks nourished and protected.

What hair type is this suitable for?
The Rose & Jasmine hair oil is formulated to suit all hair types. The light consistency won't weigh down those with thin hair and absorbs well for those with thicker hair.

I have really fine hair, how much oil should I use?
This will vary depending on how much hair and the length of your hair. As a starting point, on dry hair try 1 drop. If you feel like you need more, apply 1 drop each time to find the right amount that works for you.
On damp hair, you can double or triple this amount.

I have thick hair, how much oil do I need?
This will vary depending on the how much hair and length of your hair.
As a starting point, on dry hair try 2-3 drops. If you feel like you need more, apply 1 drop each time to find the right amount that works for you.
On damp hair, you can double or triple this amount.

FAQs - Heatless Silk Curling Ribbon

Do I have to leave the Silk Curling Ribbon in overnight? 
It’s our recommendation as the longer the duration, the more defined the curls will be. Although it’s not a must - the shape will still form even if left in for a few hours, the curls will just be softer but still beautiful. 

What can I do when it’s the end of day 2 and my curls aren’t as defined anymore but it’s not my hair washing day?
You can dampen your hair and wrap it around the curling ribbon again. Because there’s no heat involved you can use this as many times in one day or consecutively as you like. 

What is the care instructions for the Heatless Silk Curling Ribbon?
- Only store the Silk Curling Ribbon inside the satin pouch
- Do not store the claw clip inside the pouch to avoid potential tears or damage 
- To avoid colour fade of the Silk Curling Ribbon, keep it away from direct sunlight

What is the wash instructions for the heatless silk curling ribbon?
Hand wash in cold water with a PH neutral silk detergent. Squeeze to release any water (do not twist as this may cause the seams to tear). Allow it to air-dry away from direct sunlight. Do not machine wash or put it into a dryer or expose silk under direct sunlight.

When will I need to replace it with a new one?
With use, the curling ribbon will naturally go through wear and tear over time. A good indication is when it’s starting to lose its structure and look a bit worn, though replacement will be subject to your opinion.